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The Sphynx Cat: Photos and Breed Information

sphynx mother and kitten


The Sphynx cat, is a rare breed. It is sometimes known as the Canadian Hairless, originating in Ontario, Canada in 1966, when a black and white house cat gave birth to a male hairless kitten, similar to the Mexican Hairless.sphynx Nature periodically produces naturally hairless cats.


Althought the kittens have fine short hair, most of this disappears as they grow, apart from a light down on the face, ears, feet and tail. Males often have hair growth over their testicles.

The skin should feel like warm suede and have a wrinkled appearance. Skin  color is as their fur would be, and this can include typical markings found in fur - solid, point, tabby, tortoiseshell etc.

Because this breed does not have a coat to absorb skin oil, they need to be washed regularly from kittenhood.

Sphynxes have a medium and strong build, with sturdy bones and muscles.

Photo above by Coffee Monster


Sphynxes are energetic and gregarious. Owners often describe them as intelligent, inquisitive and affectionate. They like to entertain with silly antics and enjoy human attention. Possibly because they need warmth a little more than other cats, they like to cuddle up to a warm person or under the bed covers.

sleeping sphynxPhoto by Sunfox

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