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Himalayan Cats: Photos and Breed Information

himalayan cat


These striking cats, known either as Himalayan cats (in the USA) or Colorpoint Persians (in the UK), are a hybrid breed result from combining Persian and Siamese breeds. Years of careful breeding have produced cats that incorporate some the best features of each of these breeds.

In the 1930s, an American breeder tried to develop the Persian-Siamese cross to investigate inherited characteristics. The resulting long-haired cats were named after the Himalayan rabbit which had a similar appearance.

Himalayans were recognised in Britain in 1955 as Colorpoint Longhairs, and was the first breed with an imported point pattern to be recognised. The breed was recongised in the US as a new and separate breed in 1957, and are generally included in the Persian breed, althought the pattern is described as Himalayan.
himalayan cat


himalayan catHimalayans combine the body and long fur of a Persian with the markings and blue eyes of a Siamese.

They have a round head with full cheeks,  a short nose and small tufted ears. The pointed coat is darker on the feet, nose, ears and tail. The large brilliant blue eyes are round and Oriental in shape, like the Siamese. Colors include seal-brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, red and tortie.


Himalayans are affectionate, intelligent and outgoing. Due to their Siamese heritage, these cats are more active than Persians, but a little more laid-back than a pure Siamese.

himalayan cat
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