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Cute kittens galore!

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This page is your springboard for pictures of cute kittens.

I've found lots of kittens for you to gush over, including squeaking kitten sounds and litters of new kittens.

Some people like kittens of a particular color or coat pattern. If that's you, or you really don't care as long as they're cute, have a look at the galleries of orange kittens, silver kittens, white kittens, tuxedo kittens and calico kittens.

Persian kittensRagdoll kittens, Burmese kittens and Scottish Fold kittens are galleries focusing on specific breeds.

I also have over 20 cartoon kittens to share with you, as well as easy instructions on how to draw a kitten.

If you need ideas for names for kittens, there is lots of inspiration here.

**Don't miss the cute cats section of the site, which has AMAZING photos of beautiful cats in all the spaces and places that cats enjoy - in bags, in basins, in gardens, in windows, in hiding, in kitchens...I have found some fantastic shots.

I've started to wonder about what attracts us to cuteness. Why do I melt at the sight of animals, particularly baby animals?
two cute kittens
I discovered that our attraction to cuteness is universal, and fortunately healthy. According to Professor James Serpell, an animal welfare researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, looking at pictures of cute animals online has immediate positive effects on our wellbeing. Our blood pressure and heartrate relax during those moments of wonder.

We humans are essentially social animals and having the company of animals as well as other humans is important to us.

We seem to be hardwired, however, to respond to babies and other young animals that can't care for themselves. Austrian zoologist, Konrad photo by PolandezeLorenz first noted that people are attracted to juvenile characteristics such as large foreheads, big eyes, chunky limbs and a clumsy walk. We are drawn to them and feel protective towards them. Makes sense from an evolutionary perspective.

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