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Tuxedo kittens:
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tuxedo kittens
Aren't these tuxedo kittens gorgeous? You can't find out more about black and white markings and see beautiful pictures of mature tuxedo cats on our tuxedo cats page. A famous tuxedo cat is Sylvester from Warner Bros...those of you who are a little older may remember the Tweety cartoons with the irrepressible and saliva-spitting Sylvester.
tuxedo kitten
Photo above by Ragesoss

tuxedo kitten

We also have lots of hilarious cat videos and animations for your enjoyment. We have kittens playing with a tissue box and kittens making a mess with toilet paper. One of my favorites is the kitten giving its litter-mate a massage.

And, if you enjoy watching kittens play, you might also like listening to them squeak on our cat sounds page.

tuxedo kittens

Above two photos by Dr Hemmert

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