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Tuxedo cats:
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two tuxedo cats
Above photo by ddfic

samSome black and white cats have been dubbed "tuxedo" cats. This is due to the particular patterning of black and white fur, resembling a tuxedo and white shirt. This page displays a number of classic tuxedo patterns as well as wider variations. Of course, every cat's coat pattern is unique and they are all beautiful.

These cats are examples of bicolored cats - white cats with patches of color. Their coloring is due to the presence of a "spotting" gene that causes white blotches.

If you like these photos of mature cats, you'll surely enjoy seeing our very cute tuxedo kittens.

The image to the left features Sam and was taken by Tansy McNally.
tuxedo cat
Above photo by Anyjazz65

tuxedo cat
tuxedo cat
Above two photos by Dr Hemmert

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