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Different cat breeds

Cats are the most popular pet in the world, and despite there being over 100 different cat breeds, only three percent of owned cats belong to a cat breed. The difference between pedigree and non-pedigree cats, is that pedigree cats have their mates selected by humans, for body shape, coat color and other qualities that breeders believe typifies a breed, whereas non-pedigree cats choose their own mates.

Perhaps cats have replaced dogs as our most popular household companions because cats can be easier to keep. It is certainly my experience, as the owner of two cats and a dog, that the cats are far easier to care for. Certainly, they are less exuberant than our dog, however, no less affectionate.

The breeds featured here are some of the most popular breeds of cat. The photos are magnificent and I hope you take the time to explore them all, including those you may not have considered before.

thumb abyssinian thumb balinese thumb bombay thumb burmese
Abyssinian Balinese Bombay Burmese
thumb devon rex thumb himalayan thumb manx thumb coon
Devon Rex Himalayan Manx Maine Coon
thumb norw thumb persian thumb-rag thumb russ
Norwegian Forest cat Persian Ragdoll Russian Blue
thumb scot thumb siamese thumb-sib thumb somali
Scottish Fold Siamese Siberian Somali
thumb sphynx

You'll find non-pedigree cat galleries here, featuring tabbies, calicos, tuxedos and more.

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