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The Norwegian Forest Cat: Photos and Breed Information

norwegian forest cat
Photo by Eva101


The Norwegian Forest Cat is an old breed, native to Northern Europe. It was regarded as a regular farm cat until the 1930s when selective breeding began, and is known as the Skogkatt or Skaukatt in Norway. Domestic cats are known to have reached Norway by about 1000 AD, partly as a result of  trade between the Vikings and the Byzantine Empire. The breed has become recognised internationally and is affectionately known as the Wegie.

norwegian forest cat
Photo by Froskeland


Wegies are well adapted to the cold climates of Northern Europe. They have a thick double-layered coat with a water-resistant top cat, tufted ears and a long plumed tail. They are large, robust and muscular cats - adult males can weigh 6-10 kg, and females are about half the size. They have  a triangular head and long nose.

These cats are agile and exceptional hunters.

white norwegian forest cat
Photo by Quatre Main


Norwegians are highly intelligent and playful cats that make gentle, quiet companions. The are well-suited to a one-cat household, as they are self-sufficient and often defensive of their territory.

norwegian forest cat
Photo by Quatre Main

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