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The Manx Cat: Photos and Breed Information

manx cat


The Manx cat originates from the Isle of Man, and has a genetic mutation of spine resulting in a shortened tail. Some Manx have no visible tail. Although tailessness appears occasionally, it persisted in the isolated cat population of the Isle of Man. Although today, it is understood to be caused by a genetic mutation, this was not always so.

There are two accounts of the story of how the Manx lost its tail relating to the time of Noah and his Ark. One version says that the cat waited too long to get on the ark and Noah accidentally slammed the ark door shut on its tail. The other version says that the cat was so eager to leave the ark when the flood subsided that he tried to jump from a window, but a dog bit the tail off.

manx cat
Photo by Wonder Ferret

Other stories tell of a female who bit the tails off her kittens so that they would not be killed for their tails, at a time when their tails were used as helmet plumes by Manx warriors.

Its long hindlegs and rabbit-soft fur have contributed to  other myths of the Manx being a rabbit hybrid. They are sometimes called 'Cabbits'.

Manx cats were exhibited at shows in the 19th century and exported in the early 20th century.

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Manx cats are classified according their tail length:
  • Longies have a complete or near normal tail
  • Dimple rumpies or rumpies have no tail - a completely smooth rear or possibly a dimple
  • Risers have a stub of cartilage or a few vertebrae under the fur
  • Stumpies have stubby tails
Other physical features include long hindlegs and a solid, compact body.
There are two coat lengths - short-haired and long-haired. Their double coat is soft. The long-haired Manx is known in some cat registries as the Cymric.

Manx have a soft voice, more like a squeak.


Manx are playful cats with an affectionate nature. Easily trained, they can learn to come when called and to retrieve small items. Adaptable and curious cats, Manx show little nervousness and are wonderful pets.

manx cat at pool

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