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Funny Cat Videos

My whole family aches with laughter when watching these funny cat videos, and sometimes our own cats' real life antics are just as good! I've picked these clips because they made us laugh, and as we don't like seeing cruelty, so you'll only see video footage here of cats being their hilarious, adorable selves.

Here is just a sample of the 32 entertaining video clips collected on this site...click on the links below to see the rest. They're guaranteed to tickle your funnybone or pull your heartstrings.

You can pick and choose from the links below, or if you'd like to see all the videos sequentially, just START HERE>


Funny cat clips - this compilation has been around awhile, but is still really funny.
Cat Videos - a homemade-style compilation. Very funny.

Amazing cats

Cat video of beautiful Nora - the piano-playing cat 
Funny cat on a treadmill
Tabby kittens in a box - very sweet and funny

Cat sounds

Cats sounds - purring, trilling and talking loud
Talking cats sound a bit like humans...3 great clips

Bathroom games

Funny kittens playing with toilet roll
Crazy cat shreds toilet paper

Dancing cats

Dancing cat with mirror
Dancing cats: cat seems to boogie with dog
Synchronised kitten video - very sweet and funny

Sleeping cats

3 funny deep sleeping cat videos
Funny kitten does shiatsu massage
Sweet sleepy kitten - millions have enjoyed this clip


Four funny cat cartoons - both contemporary and vintage

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