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This cat video shows Nora, a sweet, gentle and talented gray tabby cat who loves to play piano. Rescued from a shelter when a year old, Nora climbed on the bench of a piano in the middle of the night and began to play. She plays without prompting and really seems to enjoy it. She seems to like the attention of an audience and also plays when alone.

Since then, she has played daily, sometimes playing duets with her owner, a piano teacher, and his students. Nora prefers to play with students when they play Bach, and gravitates toward the D-E-F range of keys, including black keys.

The students encouraged the owner to create these YouTube videos which received widespread media coverage as well as attention from musicians and scientists. The US-based National Science Foundation included Nora in a video about animal behavior shown in museums in 2007.

These are my very favorites of all the funny videos because they capture a cat being natural and doing something remarkable.

Don't miss the sequel, developed after the first one received a following...

And here's the sequel of Nora where she plays a duet. What a gorgeous cat.

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