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Funny Kittens Video - four kittens playing with toilet paper

Ironically, while humans like buying fancy toys as gifts for their feline darlings, cats often like the simplest and most inexpensive toys. You can make a wide variety of cat-tempting toys using materials around the house. These beautiful funny kittens are having a great time with the toilet paper...


Boxes provide an opportunity to investigate, to hide and watch. Cut out some "doors" or "windows" that allow them to see out. Cats love to hide and think they can't be seen, pouncing on an unsuspecting victim. You also can dangle other toys in the windows and entice your cat to bat at them.

Empty containers, crumpled paper, empty cotton reels - these can all make great toys for your cat to play with. Never give them plastic bags, however, as they can get tangled in the handles and suffocate.

Attached string to a feather or pom-pom and trail it along the floor. Or attach a colored ribbon.

You can also put dry cat food inside an uncapped plastic drink bottle (ideally with a wide opening. Your cat will enjoy hitting and rolling the bottle to get the food out.

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