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Funny Cat Cartoons

There are seven cat cartoons below, so be sure to check out all of them.
Simon Tofield, Director of Tandem Films in Britain created the first five gorgeous animations. This is his latest animation, and like the two earlier ones (see below) is sure to prompt a smile and a few knowing chuckles. He has a knack for capturing the funny realities of living with and loving a cat.

Simon's first, called Cat Man Do, captures a cute and hungry kitten working hard to wake up its deeply-sleeping human. This animation won Best Comedy at the British Animation Awards.

This next cartoon from Simon Tofield, called Let Me In, features a hungry cat resorting to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors.

This one is not actually about a cat...but I love Simon's animations so much, it's here for you to enjoy.

Next is a 1936 Warner Brothers animation called The Cat Came Back. Just wonderful to watch older-style cartoons!

This one's a short 3D cat animation.


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