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The Russian Blue Cat: Photos and Breed Information

russian blue cat


The Russian Blue cat is a naturally-occurring breed believed to have originated in the port of Arkhangelsk in Russia, although there are some doubts about this heritage. There are, in fact, several theories about its name. One is that they were a gift from a Russian Tzar. It is believed, however, that sailors brought the first Russian Blues to England and Northern Europe from the Archangel Isles in the 1860s.

Video of Russian Blue cat

The breed was developed in England and Scandinavia until after World War II, after which some were cross-bred with Siamese to boost low numbers. After the War, American breeders created the modern Russian Blue, by combining the bloodlines of both the Scandinavian and English Russian Blues. The Siamese traits have been bred out.

russian blue cat


Russian Blues are graceful with long bodies, slender legs and dainty oval feet. Their grey-blue coats have a silvery sheen and are very plush and soft to touch. The coat is in fact a double coat, with a soft, downy undercoat. The silver tips of the coat make it shimmer.

The head is short and wedge-shaped with vivid green slanting eyes. A stunning cat.

russian blue cat


The Russian Blue is a quiet and gentle animal, also known for being highly intelligent. It dislikes change and stress, and is often shy around strangers.

russian blue close-up

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