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The Scottish Fold Cat and Kittens: Photos and Breed Information

scottish fold cat


The Scottish Fold cat originated in Scotland in 1961, the distinctive ear fold occurred as a result of a mutation when a female farm cat, whose ears had an unusual fold in their middle, was bred with a British Shorthair. Two of the kittens had folded ears and one was acquired by a neighboring cat breeder who registered the breed and started to breed kittens. He discovered that the ear fold is genetically dominant, so it will appear when one parent has straight ears and the other folds.
white scottish fold
Photo above by Tata Aka T

Some Folds were sent to North America in 1971 where breeders continued to develop this type of cat by using American Shorthairs. North American breed registries now recognize both long and shorthairs, but European registries do not accept the breed because of concerns that breeding two Folds together results in kittens with a painful degenerative joint disease that fuses the tail, ankles and knees. They are predominantly sold as pets.


Scottish Folds can have either long or short hair and any coat pattern and color other than Siamese-style points. The ears can have a tight or loose fold where the ears bend forward. This breed has a compact, strong body as a result of its development from British and American Shorthairs.


Folds are typically good natured and placid, known for sleeping on their backs. They are quite affectionate and enjoy human company. Folds have quiet voices and can make a variety of interesting sounds.

scottish fold cat
Photo above by Chika

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