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The Bombay Cat: Photos and Breed Information

bombay cat


The Bombay cat was created by Kentucky breeder, Nikki Horner in 1958, who bred an American Shorthair with a sable Burmese to create a panther-like domestic cat. The breed was formally recognised in 1976, however, it is rare, particularly outside North America, and has not been recognised by European registries. In Britain, the British Bombay is the name given to black Asian shorthairs and is quite different to the American Bombay.
bombay cat


Bombays are muscular and agile with glossy rich black coats and copper to greenish eyes. Unlike the original Burmese, the head is more rounded, but retains the wide head and wide-set eyes of the Burmese. See our Burmese cats pages for pictures and information.

bombay cat


Bombays have similar personalities to the Burmese breed - outgoing and companionable. They seek warmth and human company wherever possible.

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