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Orange Kittens: Cute Photos

orange kittens with dog
The orange kittens featured on this page have a tabby pattern, sometimes called "red" or "ginger". Even if a cat appears to have a solid orange coat, it will usually have faint tabby markings on closer inspection.

More male than female kittens are born with orange coloring.
christmas kitten
kitten with chick
Photo above by Chief Trent
cute orange kitten
Photo above by T. Keller
kitten with big eyes
Photo above by ColKorn1982
kitten in sun
Photo above by chadmill
biting kittens
kitten on kerb
Photo above by Destine Lee
wet kitten
Photo above by Ijcybergal
cat on hood
Photo above by Mathias Erhart
red kitten
Photo above by Radomskk

All of these kittens have tabby markings. You can find out more about tabbies and see more photos of cute kittens and beautiful mature cats at our tabby cats page.

If you want a few belly laughs, check out the funny cat videos and animations on this website. They are over 20 hilarious videos for you to enjoy. A great page to bookmark and share with your friends. A real mood-lifter on a blue day too.

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