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New kittens and litters

These litters of new kittens are too cute!

I take my hat off to all of you who have cared for litters of kittens like these. Sadly, too many litters don't have loving and safe homes.

litter of kttens
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kitten litter
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new kittens
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new kittens
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new kittens
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litter kittens
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Do you know what to do if you discover a litter of abandoned kittens that need your care? You'll need to keep them warm. Newborn kittens cannot produce enough body heat to keep them well until they are three or four weeks old. You can do this my putting them in a box lined with a soft, warm blanket or towel. Fleece blankets are great. A plastic box works well since you can wash it easily.

Put a warm and light blanket over the top. You could place some warm water bottles in amongst them, but not too hot. You don't want the kittens laying directly on it. Do not let the bottles get cold or it will drop the kittens' body temperature quickly and this could be fatal. A timer or alarm clock can help you remember when to change them. A heating pad could be used instead of hot water bottles if you have one. Set on low under the blanket.

New kittens have to be fed from a special baby bottle with a very small nipple. They will need a special kitten formula every two hours for the first week of life and every three to four hours thereafter. You can find these at your veterinary clinic or a pet store.
After each feeding you will need to massage their tummies to encourage them to go potty. Their mother would have licked them to stimulate this. New kittens are hard work.

New kittens will cry when they are hungry or distressed. You will need to listen for their cries. A very quiet kitten could have something wrong. Do not ignore this. Take immediate action by working out if it is cold, needs the potty or is hungry. Is it weak and listless? If you're not sure what is wrong or you're not able to fix it, call your veterinarian immediately. You will need to keep the kitten warm on the way.

Keep your kittens clean and dry. You'll need to change their blankets at least once a day. Their mother would normally clean up all the little messes, but without her it will be up to you. Keep their eyes and faces wiped clean every day, using a warm wet wash cloth or rag. If the kittens have not seen a vet by four weeks, you might want to take them in for a check-up. Most vets will give a discount for a litter of kittens. Vaccines and worming will be on the list of treatments for "your babies."

As the kittens get older they will become more active, and need more to eat. Your vet will advise you about care from this point, including when to start them on more solid food.

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