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White Kittens: Cute Photos

three white kittens

White cats in various countries have been regarded as bringing either good or bad luck. Many people, however, see white cats as beautiful animals.

Although all kittens start out with blue eyes, this eye color is more significant in white cats than others because there is a genetic connection between blue-eyed cats and deafness. Amazingly, even if a blue-eyed white cat has just a couple of colored hairs, its hearing is likely to be normal.

Not all white cats have blue eyes. Some have orange eyes, and some are even odd colored - one blue, one orange. If one of the eyes is orange, then hearing should be okay. They're all simply beautiful.

two white kittens
Photo above by Living in Monrovia  

white kitten
Photo above by ClatieK

white kitten on stool
Photo above by Doviende   
white devon rex kittens
Photo above by Triplezero of Devon Rex kittens
white kitten playing
Photo above by Frankly Richmond
kitten on lap
Photo above by ColKorn1982   
white kitten playing
    Photo above by Mohd Fahmi
white fluffy cat on bed
Photo above by Katesheet
white kittens
Photo above by ClatieK
cat sleeping on coral
Photo above by ClatieK

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