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Kitchen Cat Images

saucepan cat
Photo above by PJ Lewis

It's no mystery why cats love kitchens. Good smells and tasty morsels are easily found. And maybe cats like kitchens because we spend so much time there too.

Keeping cats off kitchen counters is a constant problem for many cat owners. We no longer keep the kitchen trash on the counter - it has to be shut away in a cupboard. A quick flick of water from the tap also gets ours of the counter. And we have lots of cat-safe places to leave waiting dishes so that we actually get to eat them.

I hope you enjoy these shots of cats enjoying their kitchens.

microwave cat
Photo above by NettaPhoto

frying pan cat
Photo above by Petter Sulonen

cutting board cat
Photo above by Indigo Goat

glass cat
Photo above by Seaside She

coffee cat
Photo above by PJ Lewis

microwave cat
Photo above by Netta Photo

counter cat
Photo above by Rob Lee

If cats in kitchens weren't enough, see the havoc kittens in bathrooms can cause!

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