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Great Pictures of Cats And Dogs

labrador with kitten
This gallery of pictures of cats and dogs may move your cute-meter off the scale! A mixture of natural and studio shots showing that cats and dogs don't have to be enemies and can in fact be great companions. Seems only logical since so many share households. Unfortunately, these sorts of shots are not possible in my household. We call our little Chihuahua-cross, Constable Toffi, because she feels its her duty to bark an alert whenever our feline darlings enter prohibited territory on the kitchen benches or behave criminally by sharpening claws on my favorite chair.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of cats and dogs as much as we do.
brown dog with cat
spaniels with cat
ginger cat with dog
cat with dog on bench
lab with cat
black dog with cat on back
kitten and pup
grey cat and dog
cat and dog at fridge
The funny videos page features a cat giving a sleeping dog a massage - very funny. You might also enjoy the video clip of a dog and cat that appear to be in love, or the video clip of the dog that cannot get the cat out of its bed.

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