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Spooky angel

by Jan
(Moore, S.C. )

My Poem for Spooky Girl
May 22, 1993 – June 23, 2010
I cry myself to sleep tonight
Because I had to let you go.
I know that you’re at peace tonight
But how I miss you so.
I’d prayed that God would come for you
By His Almighty hand.
That I’d not decide the time for you
But that’s not what He’d planned.
He sent you so long years ago
Although it seems so short.
That seventeen long years ago
You walked into my heart.
He’d made it clear you couldn’t stay
Forever and forever.
I begged of Him to let you stay
And leave from me not ever.
He said, “You’ve had your precious one
Far longer than the most.
Now you must return my little one
Into the Heavenly Host.

He gave me strength to let you go
As I kissed you one last time.
Just one more thing before you go.
I’ll see you in due time.

So I cried myself to sleep tonight
And into my dreams you crept.
You licked away my tears tonight
As I more soundly slept.
To life we come, from life we go;
That’s how it has to be.
And from each other we must go;
In dreams we’ll always see.
I’ll see you in my dreams tonight
And in the daylight too.
You’ll lay your head next to mine tonight
Until the morning dew.

Into our lives, some rain He sends;
But He lets us know that it never REALLY ends.

for Spooky from Mama
June 23, 2010

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