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by kathy
(lake katrine ny)

Shadow is the type of cat that is like a seargent in the army. She loves guard duty and takes it very seriously. I have a disabled person who she basically takes care of. She will not let him get up out of his chair unless she can walk him to the bathroom or to get something to eat. She watches him on everything he does and she lets him know what she does or does not like him doing. She is a talker and if you do not listen to her until she says what she wants which sometimes can be for 1 hour, sometimes 2, she will let you know when she is done. She will jump down off the bed or couch and go lay down. when I come home from work she lets me know she is off guard duty by loving me up, almost like she reports in and when he does something she does not like she tries to show me what he did wrong. I think she is great and not because she is my cat but I think because most cats I know do not do this. She takes her guard duty very seriously and gives everyone lots of laughs. She is black with copper eyes when she is up to something, and green when she is mellow or happy. Her nickname is Shads. She also does not like it when I take him outside on the porch or away from home to the store etc. She tries to block the door so he can not leave. He belongs to her not the other way around. Ii have to pick her up so he can go out of the house, but then she spits and gets very mad at me for hours by giving me the evil eye and hangs on him, or if I'm home she will check in with him every couple of hours to see if he is okay. She also does this at night when he sleeps...she jumps on his pillow checks him then is happy and jumps down and lays in the closet in her box until she hears him get up. Is that love or what? She stares at him also like she is so in love with him .

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