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Sadie Kitty

by Saria

My mom got Sadie before she met my dad who is allergic but my mom said if dad wanted to get married, the cat came with. When I was born she was already a year old. I loved her so much and was thinking of getting her a kitty friend but Sadie didn't think much of other cats although she loved me. When she was 13, she got a tumor on her forehead but the vet saved her life I was so happy. Then when she was 20 she got another tumor in her shoulder and had a hurt paw. We gave her pills but they didn't work. Mom told me she would probably die from it but I didn't believe her. Then in October Mom took her to the vet to be put to sleep. Before she left I sang to Sadie and hoped it would make her better but it didn't work I guess I didn't sing enough.

I love you and I miss you Sadie :(

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