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Patchesand the mower



It was a warm Friday afternoon when disaster struck. Working the final job in lawn service when the riding mower tractor made acquaintance with a mother cat and her four-kitten litter within the bushes. The mother cat, afraid for hers and the kittens safety, grabbed one and ran out, going directly beneath the mower and scalping the top of her head. The kitten in her mouth became 100 little kitten pieces while the three other kittens looked in horror at what happened. Their mother and sibling was dead, the lawnmower rider got off the mower, cried like a little girl, The person felt so bad he did turn off the mower and went to see. Now to this day I have one of the kittens that lived. I have the picture her she is so cute, her name is Patches. Hope this kind of thing don't keep happening to lawn care people.

Thank you,
Rebecca Arnold.

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