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My Two Cats

My son and I have two cats and they keep us laughing with their antics on a daily basis. When we got our first cat, of course we had to take a lot of pictures of him. When our second cat came into our home we quickly found that the two of them together created several can't miss photo pops!

Taking pictures of the cats has become somewhat of a habit for us, so I always keep my phone or camera handy to snap a picture whenever a cute moment arises. Every day, when I pick up my son from school the first question he asks me when he gets into the car is what the cats did that day. Every day I try to have a picture ready for him to see something cute or funny that they did.

This particular picture is one of my favorites because it depicts their personalities so perfectly. Elvis, the white cat, is the older brother and he is sitting on top of his little sister while pretending that nothing unusual is happening. Priscilla, the little sister is tucked in somewhere tight and cozy acting sweet and innocent. What you don't see in the picture is that just moments before it was taken Priscilla instigated a play fight with Elvis and then when he started fighting back she dove under the blanket to hide. So typical!

I hope you love the picture as much as I do!

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