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My Friend Freckles

by JB
(Melbourne, Australia)

Snuggled in the bedding

Snuggled in the bedding

Freckles came to us as a stray cat. She was unwell with a terrible skin condition - we don't know if she acquired that before or after she became homeless. Anyway, we were living in an apartment, and suddenly this beautiful white-and-tabby cat started hanging around the trash. She was so friendly and sweet. I saw her a few times and then got a bit closer to see how bad the skin was on her body...some sort of dermatitis. I figured by this time she didn't have a home anymore, so I scooped her into a cat carrier and took her to a local vet to get her checked and treated. The vet told us she had a chronic form of dermatitis and she ended up on medication for years, but it certainly cleared up her skin.

Anyhow, she seemed so grateful for our care and she bonded with me particularly. I adored her and she adored me. She would take naps with me, sleeping as close to my face as she could get. Freckles was always affectionate to me. She wasn't too impressed when we acquired a puppy and then babies came along a few years later. She bullied the puppy terribly by standing in a doorway he wanted to pass through - he became too scared to walk by her. If the puppy were sleeping on a chair, she would stand over him until he moved and gave up the chair to her. It made us laugh.

It was very sad when she passed on, but I will always remember her fondly.

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