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He loves to meow as you can tell form his name. he love to be loved and is always happy but to me looks sad all the time, so i play with him.
i found him a a baby on the streets, i never liked cats but it's looked so sad to me that i took it in, and took care of it, he was shriving by the cold and rain, it was night so he had to stay at my house for the night and the next morning he would go to the pet center. i cleaned him and wrapped him in a towel, ran to the store to get some cat food, ran back and he was gone i got so scared that maybe he could have gotten lost but i heard his light meow, and found him under my bed, i remember the tears that fell from my eyes of fear for these tiny cat. form then onward i promised him, i would never let him go through that ever again. so i believe he should be cat of the month.

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