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by Bridge Windisch
(Littlestown, PA)

That cute little face for such a vicious beast. =^_^=

That cute little face for such a vicious beast. =^_^=

Well, our neighbor had found her just a week old at an abandoned farm. They could no longer take care of her so I took her into my home. Since she was still a kitten we had to bottle feed her for a long time, and she was just a lot of trouble! She would constantly kick while trying to suck on to the nipple of the bottle which made feeding her just frustrating but she was just too adorable. She had just the cutest eyes, and was just so fluffy. After she grew older she still seemed to be a pain. I kept her in my room and most of the time when I would go to pet her she would make not a hissing sound, but a very strange growling sound. In the night it would be just the opposite, she doesn't want to leave you alone! She would be constantly walking all over me and rubbing against my face and trying to snuggle into my armpit. Just a strange cat I would say, but she is my favorite cat and i'm sure I will love her forever.

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