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by Cherry May Embudo
(Cabuyao, Laguna, Philippines)

My Meowth

My Meowth

Meowth loves to sleep in my mother's bedroom where he can enjoy the luxury of the soft comforter my mother used..he eats raisins. He knows when I'm going to take some photos of him...he has talents! He knows how to massage..he loves to massage a big tummy he doesn't like flat tummies. We got his name from the team rockets pet Pokemon, the talking Meowth....when we asked him if he is a good cat he will surely answer you back. Short and sweet meow...and it means yes...one thing he doesn't like is when we touch his tummy....he is a snob especially for someone who he has just met like visitors...and most of all we treat him like he is our younger brother. Meowth is part of our family...though my cat is only a domestic cat here in the Philippines...we love him as much as he loves us....

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