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by Leah Bloor
(Manchester, England)

There once was a kitten that came with her cuteness and sweetness. She jumped in to my arms and cried at me as if to say "WHERE IS MY MARMALADE". So we decided to call the cute kitten Marmalade.

And from that day on she wouldn't stop eating Marmalade. The second day came she had grow very very very very very very FAT and Chubby in the cutest way ever possible. She had about 10 empty jars of Marmalade next to her that she had eaten during the night. I woke the next morning went downstairs and saw her pretending to be asleep but she wasn't. She jumped off the chair and gave me fright. Went into the kitchen to look for the marmalade, she couldn't find any. So she stood up on her 2 back feet got a piece of paper and a pen and tried to write marmalde. by mistake she wrote marmite. (ooopppss!)

The next hour her owner came back and gave her the marmite she had requested. She started jumping up and down with angriness and it was like there was a earthquake, shouting "marmalade, marmalade marmalade, not marmite marmite marmite MARMALADE NOW!" But the shop had run out of it she has had that many jars the shelf was empty for about 2 weeks. Finally she started to eat normal cat food coz she forgot about the Marmalade. She started losing a lot of weight and was as tiny as a remote control................................

.... Oh yeah just remembered i will need to change her name to i dont know yet.

The End

Written by Leah Bloor
Ideas by Abbie Murray
Main Character the one and only kitten Marmalade

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