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by Kat Brown
(Traverse City, MI)

Maggie, looking curious, as always!

Maggie, looking curious, as always!

Maggie was a rescue cat from our local Humane Society several years ago. I have had many cats in my home over the years, but none with as much personality and character as Maggie. She is the most loving animal I have ever had the pleasure to share my space with. Last winter I even found her playing, very gently, with a baby mole that had gotten into our house. She is very vocal, telling me all about her day each night when I get home from work and she even makes a little "woof, woof" sound like a dog. She is better than any tranquilizer I could get from a doctor!

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Apr 05, 2010
I would label that picture wise and all knowing.
by: Kat2

Maggie looks to me like she is giving her wise and all-knowing look. Watch out, Eric! If your lame lighter fluid joke gets around in cat circles, cat lover circles, Humane circles or human circles, you may find out that "We are not amused!"

Apr 04, 2010
by: Janet

What a cute picture and fabulous portrayal of Maggie. Thanks for sharing!

Apr 04, 2010
Great Cat!
by: Jeff

Of all the cats you've had over the years, Maggie was, in my opinion, the prettiest and friendliest. This picture captures her perfectly!

Apr 03, 2010
Kat, Maggie looks great!
by: Kim Cronin

Your cat is soooo cute, you caught the pose just right, I know how hard and lucky some times that can be, wonderful job Kat, Maggie looks great!

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