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by Molly, 15
(North Wales)

Lulubelle - My Best Friend.

Lulubelle - My Best Friend.

Lulubelle is my seven-year-old timid and gentle-natured best friend. I think she should be Cat of The Month because she had a very rough start in her life, coming from a bad home where she was very ill-treated. However when we acquired her in 2004, she was spoiled rotten (and still is!) and she gradually built up her confidence to trust people. In December 2005, myself and my family had the most horrific five weeks of our lives when she had gone missing. We spent every day doing all we could to find her, we had to endure several occasions of 'false alarms', with phone calls reporting cats who had got run over, everytime, I would sob and pray to God it was not her. It was the most lonely Christmas I had ever had without her, and I had become utterly depressed but refused to give up hope for her return. Then two days after New Years Eve, what felt like a Miracle had happened, she had turned up. Me and my family had never been so happy and relieved! She was very, very weak though, she was near enough a skeleton, and we were unsure whether she would make it through the night. We nursed her all night, and finally after a few days, she had perked up and was getting much better. What had happened as we found out from the man who phoned us after seeing our 'missing' posters, she had been shut in a warehouse not far from our house, and as the owner had shut for the festive period, he had not re-opened until after the New Year. The situation had a huge impact on Lulubelle, for she is too scared to go venturing outdoors anymore, sometimes though on rare occasion, she will sit in our garden with me, immediately dashing back in again at the sound of any noise. Apart from her bad experience's she loves playing, and she adores catnip! She can go really crazy when she has catnip! She loves my shih-tzu dog, she always tries to snuggle with him. She spends most of her time looking out of the window at birds, eating, playing and sleeping, sleeping and more sleeping! One of her kind ways that make her special is that she tries to cheer you up if you start to cry. She truly is the most lovable cat who's been through terrible ordeals, I reckon she deserves a gold medal for her continued bravery.

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