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by Eleanor Wood
(Napa, CA, USA)

Laini is a Maine Coon, a 3 year old and a trim 18 pounds. She was born the same day I was rehired for a wonderful job at a lovely non-profit. As it turned out, Laini was so sociable I was able to take her to work with me on regular Fridays (it's a very animal friendly place!) and folks are always amazed at her size and friendly attitude.
I was warned that as a Maine Coon I should cat proof my home up to about 6 feet and I tried to but as you can see from the picture, my flat screen TV wasn't quite up high enough not to be tempting. Happily she hasn't been up there at least since she was a kitten.
I adore her tail; it's as wide as she is. Friends have named it 'The Tail of Two Kitties.'
Thanks for letting me share.

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