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KarlosAKitty - My Kitty HuzBun

by Andrea Keane
(Phoenix , AZ - USA)

KarlosAKitty - The day he crossed over.

KarlosAKitty - The day he crossed over.

Russian Blue short soft coat like velvet,Antique gold flecked eyes, Little Charcoal nose, little sewed on ear, tiny round feet. Precious friend it was the luckiest day of my life when I found you in a parking lot lost and scared. You jumped in my car and wouldn't get out. I took you home and you stayed with me 10 years. You made me feel better when I was sick, helped me recover after I was in a coma, dried my tears when I was sad, and slept with me every night your arm around my neck, nose to nose beneath the blanket.
Gentle ambassador you watched over the new arrivals.Passively accepted whatever spot the others designated for you.Never jealous or aggressive seeking simple peace.
KarlosAKitty cancer took you from me and though I love all my other kitties none could ever take your place. My soulmate, My Love, My Kitty husband. I can hardly wait until it is my turn so that I can see your sweet face again and feel your arm around my neck holding me close. I miss you Karlos - the time we had was a gentle grace in an unforgiving world.I promise when I find you again I will never let anything part us again.

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