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by Tansy McNally
(Frankston, VIC, Australia)

Kally under torture...

Kally under torture...

Well now, the only way in which one can describe my cat Kally is "neurotic". From the moment I first held her as a little kitten and saw the scratches across my arm I knew that as an adult she was going to be afflicted with some from of paranoid nervousness.

For the eleven years of her strange but colourful life Kally has at times been a somewhat cautious cat, hiding away from visitors and indeed some members of the family and even the inside of the house can you imagine.

When her matron of a mother and grumpy brother would eagerly swamp the kitchen in search for food Kally would patiently sit outside waiting to be fed without fuss.

Indeed when it came to food then as now one person needs to be on watch to make sure that Kally gets her fair share of food; in a word she is not as dominating as the others in her family.

Yet as hard as it may seem our Kally is one of the most overtly affectionate cats you'll ever meet, just as long as you have time to wait a few years in order to gain her trust first! As a young girl she loved to play, her favourite game being a form of fetch with a mini pom-pom.
However I have to say that she was often bullied by her brother Sam, but believe me when I say that Kally knows how to get her own back!

Now at eleven years-old Kally has settled down a great deal. Every night she is the first to run in through my window and snuggle-up on my bed,(and she's always the hardest cat to shift in the morning.)

Kally is totally touch sensitive, if you so much as brush her back lightly she gets excited! In good moods (which are quite frequent), she has no hestitaion to head-butt you, dance on her tip-toes, coil her tail, lick you or roll over in order to express her love and affection.

Kally can always be counted on to rush to your side if you miaow like a demanding cat or if you are upset or even crying. This cat simply wants to show you that she values you not as an owner but as a friend...

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Jun 04, 2011
by: Sharon

I,too,live with a Calico. Her birth name is Calla Lily - later changed to Captain Willy once she began living on a boat in a marina and fell in love with the nautical world. One of her nick names is Cally. Like your Kally, she is neurotic. After 13 years (yesterday was her birthday) I still cannot hold her for more than a few seconds. She is aloof in one regard, but wants lots of attention in another. She is also very protective of me and our other cat, Elizabeth. I love her dearly, as I am sure you love your Kally. T

Feb 28, 2011
by: Jennifer

She is beautiful!

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