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Juliet the World's best cat

by Cynthia Egloria

One day my mom took me to a place. I did't know where I was, but when I got inside my mom told me to look at the cats I wanted (it was my 8th birth-day) so then I chose a kitten, but someone had it on hold. So I chose another kitten, but someone was taking it already.
The next day we went back to the animal shelter and the first kitten I saw when I first came was still there and the person who had it on hold left the shelter there number, but they only left them six numbers. So I ended up getting the kitten (it was a cute calico kitten). Then I named her Juliet. When we took her home I gave her my stuffed cat. When I took her to the vet she was under weight, but the second time I took her there she was OVER weight..... she still is to this day!


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