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Grieving for my Furry Friend Little Muffin

by Cathy
(Ontario, Canada)

I had to make the terrible decision to put my 15 year old furry friend Muffin to sleep on Monday June 21, 2010. One of the worst days of my life.

She had been diagnosed with mouth cancer a week ago and it was bad. All this happened in a month from what seemed like bad teeth to finding a tumour when during the surgery three teeth fell out and the tumour was found. Biopsy found cancer and the vet suggested we do it in a week. Take her home and love her and feed her whatever she wants. She was in pain and it would never get better only worse. It was in her jaw whicih became swollen but she still ate and cleaned herself. Apparently cats are very strong.

We have two more 20 year cats at home who have kidney disease and expected their life to end sooner rather than later. This was a real shock. Muffin was the healthiest and the youngest.

I am the "mommy" so therefore my role is much different than my husbands. I feel her absence much more than he will.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my feelings for my "furry gift from God" . I got to enjoy her form March 1995 until Monday June 21, 2010 when I said goodbye to her. As I write these words I am filled with so much pain. I will miss her terribly. Our home is not the same without her.

She gave me more unconditional love than any human in my life and made my life much better. I loved patting her black and white silky, soft fur. She had the cutest little white tip on her black tail.

I will miss her and I hope that there is a place in Heaven and we will meet again.

Until then I will cherish her in my heart, memories and her pictures.

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