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Sleepy Cat Pictures

cat sleeping upside down
Photo above by ColKorn 1982

Why are sleeping cats so appealing? Why do I feel more than the usual urge to touch and cuddle a sleeping cat? Hardly seems fair...terribly selfish...the poor cat is in its own world, totally relaxed and I can hardly restrain myself from running my fingers across its fur. So darn adorable! And if they're not looking good enough to squish, they're soooo funny, like the cat in the photo above. My Burmese adopts postures like that, bless him. That's why I love cats...they're just a feel-good bundle of delight (sorry to those of you struggling with aggression or spraying problems - there really IS a good reason why you love them).

I hope you enjoy looking at these sleepy cats as much as I did finding them.

sleeping kitten
Photo above by SMN

sleeping cat
Photo above by Post 406

kitten on laptop
Photo above by Simon Davison

yawning cat
Photo above by Debbie Sonberg

sleeping kittens
Photo above by James Rintamaki

sleepy cat
Photo above by Gardenghelle

sleepy cat
Photo above by Dr Hemmert

sleeping cats
Photo above by Kaibara87

cat on couch
Photo above by James Rintamaki

cat on bench
Photo above by SW Devlin

outstretched paws
Photo above by ColKorn 1982

sleeping cat
Photo above by Gardenghelle

sleeping tabby
Photo above by Rain City

curled cat
Photo above by The Marmot

sleeping cat on paw
Photo above by Sami Keinanen

cat in seedling tray
Photo above by Chilihead

sleeping snowshoe
Photo above by Squeaky Marmot

upsy down
Photo above by Tanakawho

yin yang
Photo above by Rochelle et al

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