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by Sarah E

Coco is a lovable fun cat to have around you. She is intelligent and is always exploring the outdoors. If you open a door she will always come running up to you with a loud meow! She is seven years old and has had four kittens. Coco also knows a few tricks. She can sit, give you her paw, and can jump on command! Coco wasn't just purchased at a pet store, we found her. We first saw her in our backyard beneath a tree just smelling some soil. At first we didn't think she'd come back but she did. We found her in our front yard one October afternoon rolling around. She seemed calm so we went to get to know her. She was very friendly and my parents said we could keep her if she stayed over night and she did. My older brother and I were happy to see her the next morning. She was ours and has been ever since. Our family and friends love seeing her when they come over to our home. She's our
not-so-little coco bean!


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