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Black Kitten Ladybird

by Sam Moffatt
(Duncan, OK USA)

Ladybird and Me!

Ladybird and Me!

Our cat who we got from friends was the runt of the group. She was the only black cat in the litter. All of the other cats were a brown with white paws and stomachs. Ladybird is very playful and energetic. She loves playing chase and loves having fun. I also think my cat is special because she was born on Memorial Day. She isn't very old, but has gotten a lot bigger. Ladybird enjoys sleeping in our laps and can get distracted by almost anything. (but shes so cute when she does) Her fur is silky and soft. Her meow is strong and her purr is powerful. I love our cat,Ladybird, and I know you would too!

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