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by Alexandra Dawson
(Durham UK)

Take the picture already!

Take the picture already!

My cat Atlas is now 2 years old. He is a charming fellow. He always purrs softly and coos like an owl when he is sleeping. It is so cute - he will lay on our landing stretched out with his soft coat, making owl noises if you stroke him. He is very gentle-natured but also has a tough side. He was off on an adventure for three days once but he found his way back home and he was completely fine. His favorite toy to play with is his mouse. He always has it with him even when he is sleeping. He is a bit greedy though his favorite food is Felix as good as it looks he looks just like Felix, I think but you be the judge of that. I think he is like Felix the cat come to life in his personality and looks. As you will see in the photo I put along in this he looks like he is trying to hypnotise you. My dad says he looks like he knows you are going to take the photo. He is a really lovely and playful cat when I was feeling sad once he came over and curled up on my lap purring and didn't leave. He has also figured out how to open doors. It is so cute when he tries to twist the handle. When I am on the computer he will always try and sit on it and chase the mouse around he can be a nuisence though. LOL he tried to bite through the wire of my ps3 once. I remember when I had a really lovely moment with him though we were in our garden and he came outside as well then like a mini lion he came and laid next to me in the grass sitting up proudly looking everywhere an then he came and laid in my lap then I got up and he was frolicking in the grass he chased me around the garden. It was really fun. I named him Atlas as he is a cat that likes to adventure and travel. He also is a powerful cat like Atlas so that's why as well. I hope you enjoy looking at the picture of my cat. He is a wonderful cat: charming, good-natured and a little rascal at times...he is my Atlas.

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