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Aqua loves a lot.

by kimberly
(bell,CA USA)

Aqua is a very beautiful cat (female). White with gray tail and blue. She is the cutest <3 she sleeps on my bed n whenever I'm asleep either if im on my side or back or front she'll go on top of me n knead her paws away .especially when im on my side its really adorable. also whenever she sees a fly or bird she makes this weird noise from her mouth (I guess communicating with them) also on the back of the chairs she likes to lay there where it's like a stick and she doesn't fall from on top of the chair. Everytime I'm about to feed her she starts meowing really loud until I give it to her or she wakes me up meowing for food. when i take her a shower she also meow super louddddd its really adorable. She loves to look out the window alot n get a tan. I love her :) <3 even though she could be sneeky n evil >.<

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